Found Really Cool Furniture from Hong Kong


I was visiting a relative who moved to China a few years ago. He went over there to teach English to Chinese students, and he decided to stay. He took me to Hong Kong as part of our tour of different places. I saw some cool furniture in Hong Kong that I really liked, and I was wondering if it was available back in the States. I liked this cool look for swivel chairs that was retro and avant garde all at the same time. I was hoping that there was an importer in the United States for this furniture.

I like cool stuff. My apartment needed redecorating. I had a few bucks to spend, and I could finally get rid of my hodge podge mix of furniture in my apartment and get new stuff that had a style I really liked and matched a theme. I probably would not have picked this furniture in Hong King that I saw while visiting there. I did not know this style existed. I found a place that had pieces for all the rooms in my house from beds to tables and chairs. My new 3-seater sofa is retro and new. This style is iconic and reminds me of the 1970s when we still had typing pools where secretaries earned a living typing up documents for firms.

I think the TV show Mad Men has brought back a little of the desire for this style of clothing and home decorating. It is really nice to see that these types of pieces are still being made in Hong Kong. My new bed with the upholstered headboard is really neat. The whole apartment follows a theme now. No more mix and match decorating. This type of furniture is practically timeless. You can put your finger on an era when it was popular, but it fits with today’s style and fashion too.